How to apply to study in Russian university?

4 Steps to get admission in a Russian University

Admision Process

There’s more to the admission process than just submitting an application! Please familiarize yourself with the steps below before you begin.

Choose your course

Search programs and check the requirements.

Browse all courses, programs, and see the specific requirements for each program. (Remember that you can choose your program choice on your application.)

Meet the requirements

You need to submit a copies of your school certificates included with a copy of your passport. If you are unable to submit your application online, you may submit a paper (PDF) application form.

Finance your studies

After you submit your application, you will receive an email informing you of your required documents along with information on when you’ll need to send them.

Finalize and submit your application and pay the admission fee. Certain programs may require additional fees.

Note: There are separate application forms for scholarships (You need to apply for admission before you can apply for scholarships).

Start your programme

On this statge you shall obtain your visa, and arrive to Russia in advanced time before starting of your lessons. If you need a pickup service at airport and transfer to your university/city distenation, make sure to request meeting service before your arrive, at least 7 days in advance before your arrive.

Frequently asked questions, on how to apply
to study in Russia

I want to enroll now at the university in Russia. Where do I start?

First, find your suitable programme, next, complete the online application form and one of our advisors will be in contact with you to help you on step by step bases.

What are the requied documents that I should prepare?

After completing and sending the application form online, you shall send copies of your documents of: Copy of your school certificates + Copy of your passport, for approbation of acceptance.

How long time it would take the admission procedures?

The admission procedures timing is vary depends from a university to another, on timing of admission, and mainly on your documents and qualifications. However, you need to consider timing between 30 up to 40 days time.

Are there any age limits for applicants to Russian universities?

No, there are no age limit for foreign students interested to apply to Russian university.

When do I need to apply?

For every academic year, dates for submitting applications and sitting entrance examinations are determined by each university separately. However, we are accepting new applicants any time during the year, and your admission is done to the nearst/soonest intake.

What is the best currency to bring to Russia?

You need to have some cash to hand for day-to-day expenses on first time. The legal means of payment in Russia is rubles. You can bring Euro € or US$, but you shall change to Russian roubles. You may buy roubles when you arrive in Russia, at airport currency exchanges or banks.