Live in Russia

The decision to study abroad is a very serious step. You have to plunge into a foreign culture, adapt to new conditions, get used to a new climate and gradually learn Russian. But don’t fear the difficulties! The Russians are known for their hospitality and friendly manners, they will always help you.

On Arrival

You've just arrived to Russia. Now it's just about to start. We accompany you on your first steps!

First steps

After your arrival in Russia you have to take care of some formalities. Here's an overview!


As soon as you arrived at the university/city distenation, you must register with the administration of the university.

Next, you can then apply for your residence permit.


All students have to enrol at university before they can commence their studies.

Besides, pass medicine exams in the university hospitals.

It’s an important step that you’ll need on future occasions.

Cost of living in Russia

Sure, Moscow is known for the nouveau glitz and glam, but the cost of living in Russia can be completely affordable and can also make it a comfortable place to live in. The image of a visitor to Russia is very different from the reality of living as a local. Russia can be an expensive place to live if you live like a Russian mogul or expatriate business traveler. But your average citizen will find living in this country to be reasonable and comfortable. Apartments are affordable, transportation is cheap and convenient, utilities are inexpensive and local phone calls are free.

Prices may vary depending on product and service provider.
The list below shows average prices for May 2016 (1 USD = 60 RUB.).
Furnished one-bedroom apartment RUB 60,000
Furnished three-bedroom apartment RUB 120,000
Eggs (dozen) RUB 80
Milk (1 litre) RUB 63
Rice (1kg) RUB 65
Loaf of white bread RUB 35
Chicken breasts (1kg) RUB 252
Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro) RUB 100
Eating out
Big Mac Meal RUB 310
Coca-Cola (330ml) RUB 50
Cappuccino RUB 160
Bottle of local beer RUB 75
Three-course meal for two at mid-range restaurant RUB 2,520
Mobile to mobile call rate (per minute) RUB 2.80
Internet (uncapped ADSL or cable - average per month) RUB 364
Basic utilities (per month for small apartment) RUB 7,000
Taxi rate (per kilometre) RUB 20
Bus/train fare to the city centre RUB 45
Petrol/gasoline (per litre) RUB 36

Cost of accommodation

Accommodation options in Russia fall broadly into two types: apartments in the city, or houses in secure compounds outside of the city. Prices range from the expensive to the exorbitant.

The most typical lodging options for an international student in Russia are a university dormitory, a rental apartment or a host family. It is very important to find the best option within your budget. Consider all 'pros' and 'cons' before committing yourself to an option. The choice of the place where you will stay in a sense defines your academic success.

University Dormitory

This is the most affordable option. International and out-of-town students are provided with dormitory places. Normally they are located on the campus or not far from the university. In most cases from 2 to 4 students share a room. In a typical dormitory room you will find writing desks, chairs, closets, bookshelves, beds and nightstands.

Students who live in a dormitory must follow certain rules. The obvious ones are not to damage the furniture, keep one’s room tidy, not make too much noise (loud music, TV, etc.), notify the hall of residence supervisor of one’s long absence. You will be informed about these rules upon arrival.

Although the cost of living in Russia has increased over the last few years, everyday living costs remain comparably low. Accommodation is affordable, transportation is cheap and convenient and utilities are reasonable.

Health: there is a reciprocal healthcare agreement with several insurance policies for free hospital treatment. Any treatment is likely to be limited though so you should make sure you have suitable travel insurance as well.

Emergency numbers: 112 can be used for any emergency service in Russia.


Do I really need to purchase health insurance for the duration of my studies in Russia?

Yes, health insurance policy is mandatory to have.

Do you provide students with dormitory places?

Almost of universities offer option of accommodation for foreign students.

Can foreigners study and work in Russia at the same time?

Yes, you can work during your studies in Russia, however, a work permit may be required to obtain.

Can I purchase health insurance in my own country?

You need to have a local Russian insurance company.

What is the weather like in Russia? What clothes should I bring?

Russia has a various kind of weather due its big territory (The biggest country in the world).

What will be my average month expenses?

You will need approx. $70 up to $150 per month as for pocket money.

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